Taking Your Baby On The Public Bus

Due to recent events, I no longer have a vehicle of my own to take my baby and I to and from our destinations.  Being in this situation, I had to take on what some parents consider a nightmare… the public bus.  After many rides, I now consider myself a transit riding pro.  Bellow are some of my suggestions to make your bus ride easier.  

Stroller Selection

My first time catching the bus I tried taking the luxurious Chicco Cortina CX stroller, only to discover this was extremely hard to manage!  It was too bulky and difficult to carry aboard while holding my baby in the other arm.  I found that an inexpensive and small, $30 stroller works way better for this occasion! With that said, choose your stroller wisely.

Pack Light

Only bring things that are absolutely necessary,  juggling your baby, stroller, and bulky luggage leads to a frustrating situation.  At first, I used the Carter’s Zip Down Changing Pad Diaper Bag. I love my Carter’s bag, but while on the bus it’s easiest to use a compact backpack instead.

What I usually pack in my diaper bag:

•portable changing table
•change of clothes
•burp cloth
•a small tube of Desitin
•Baby K’Tan carrier
•breastfeeding cover
•a small toy

Be Prepared For A Feeding

Transitrides are typically on the long side. Be prepared for your baby to get hungry during the ride.  For mothers who breastfeed, this can create a very uncomfortable environment.  If at all possible, try to pick a seat where you’re the most comfortable and make sure to bring your breastfeeding cover!  In my experience, this is the most intimidating environment to breastfeed in.  be prepared for any kind of dirty looks or comments and shake it off. Breastfeeding is natural and you shouldn’t feel ashamed for it!  I always bring something with me to protect myself with, I prefer pepper spray.  

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