Six Months of Learning and Growing

As of tomorrow (July 19th) my son will be six months old.  From the moment I found out I was pregnant, I knew I was in for it.  In for many trials and tribulations, in for one of the greatest struggles, in for the biggest and most exhilarating rollercoasters of my life.  As I approach my 19th birthday, I reflect on my life and realize that becoming a parent is by far, the best thing that’s happened to me.  Now don’t mistake me when I say this, I don’t promote getting pregnant right out of high school, as it comes with many troubles.  But in my case, it was the wake-up call I needed.  During the past six months, as a mother, I have learned so much.  This life-changing experience has allowed me to mature and grow up faster than my peers, as I have been thrown into the midst of adulthood earlier than most. Here are the eight biggest lessons I have learned, during the six months of being a mother.   

1. There’s no time for gossip or drama

Once I became a parent my eyes were opened to how silly all of the high school drama really is.  It’s crazy to think that a little over a year ago I was so caught up in it.  I was concerned about how many likes I got on Instagram, or staying up to date with the latest gossip.  Once you become a mom you will quickly realize that there are much bigger problems in life.  You will simply no longer have time for all of that silly nonsense.

2. What others think about you does not matter

Seeing that I was pregnant right out of high school, a lot of judgment was passed. My fellow peers were not open-minded or receptive. One of the biggest lessons I’ve learned is that what others think about you does not matter, whatsoever. People will talk, but its just talk so why let it bother you?

3. Learning to love yourself

Once you become a parent you will learn to love yourself more.  After a few weeks of giving birth and my flabby, loose, stomach had gone down, I gained so much more confidence.  Before being pregnant my 105 lbs self-was always so worried about looks, I was extremely insecure.  At nine months pregnant I weighed in at 147 lbs and I went back down to 120, after a few weeks from giving birth.  While I am not used to seeing my non-pregnant self with a few extra pounds, I have absolutely no problem with it.  All I can do is look at my son and say “my body did that” and It fills myself with confidence and confirmation.

4. Patience

One of the most important lessons I’ve learned is patience.  I remember how frustrated I was in the hospital trying to learn how to change a dirty diaper.  Or how irritated I would get when it was a day filled with non-stop crying.  While all this is frustrating, dealing with it now is like second nature.   Over time as a parent, patience will come naturally.  

5. Budgeting

Having kids is a huge struggle financially.  Being right out of high school, with no savings, doesn’t help either.  Seeking what stores have the best diaper prices and scavenging thru the off-brand products will become life-saving techniques.  Trust me when I say this, you will soon become that crazy coupon lady you always said you would never be.

6. It doesn’t get easier

Parenting does not get easier.  In my experience, once you become a master at dealing with one thing, your baby takes on a new habit you must adjust too.  

7. Everyone has their own way of doing things

There are so many different parenting skills and techniques nowadays, just remember no one knows your child like you do. If another mom makes a judgemental comment on your way of doing something, don’t let it bring you down.  Do your own thing!

8. It is all worth it

Being a parent has made me feel needed, and like I have a purpose in life.  All the difficult situations you are put thru only make you stronger.  Watching a child grow up is so amazing, just the six months I have experienced so far has been incredible.  Your baby is a blessing, never forget that.  

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