Relax Busy Mama!

One of my biggest pet peeves is when someone accuses a stay at home mama of being lazy.  Being a stay at home mama is hard work and a never-ending job.  You clock in the moment you’re bundle of joy is born, and don’t clock out until 18 years later, give or take.  The time we get to ourselves is very little, so here are a few activities I partake in, as a stay at home mama, for making myself feel relaxed and rejuvenated.

Get Ready Every Morning

Regardless if you are going out or staying at home for the day always get dressed in the morning.  Brush you’re hair, teeth, and wash your face for a refreshing start to the morning.  

Pamper Yourself During Nap Time

While your baby is sleeping pamper yourself.  Create a foot bath, put on a face mask and paint your nails for a little pop during your day!

Eat Healthy

Strive to eat all the colors of the rainbow if possible.  When one eats good, they feel good.  Try some of my easy and healthy recipes listed here.

Take a Nap

Don’t be afraid to ask your husband or another beloved family member to look after the baby for a while.  Take some time to yourself and take a nap.  Not only does this benefit you but your child too, as they will need you to be well rested and filled with energy for the day.

Consider Pumping for Night-time Feedings

Try pumping in advance for some nights so you have the option to stay in bed, while your significant other feeds the baby.  Parenting is all about teamwork!

Something About a Clean House

There’s something about being in a clean house that is so refreshing.  Even if it’s just making your bed in the morning, try to tidy up a bit for the feeling of comfort and stability.  

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