Organic Formula

At first, I was under the impression that all mothers were able to breastfeed.  Something that surprised me was hearing about how many mothers have insufficient amounts of milk coming in.  Or that some mothers are unable to produce any milk at all, forcing many woman across America to stop breastfeeding.

Choosing Formula

Whether formula is your last resort or one’s preference, the process of picking the right one can be tedious.  With so many different brands of formula, that highlight various nutritional values, picking what is best for your child becomes very overwhelming.

The Organic Baby Food Shop

I recently stumbled upon The Organic Baby Food Shop.  An online store offering 100% organic formulas, that are imported from Germany, to families across America.  All of their products exclude; antibiotics, GMO ingredients, hormones, artificial and synthetic ingredients.

In addition, their product meets the Demeter standards.  Now you may be asking yourself “what are Demeter standards?”. This is when farmers properly take care of their animals, to the best of their ability, the protect their crops, and fertilize them naturally.  Things like spraying agents, or chemical synthetic fertilizers are not tolerated in a ‘Demeter’ atmosphere.  In order to have possession of the Demeter label the company must go through the Demeter Society.  The society’s standards are set much higher than the organic farming certification in America.

They provide three different brands; Lebemnswert, Holle, and Hipp.  Along with their standard formula, Holle also produces goat milk formulas and cereals.  

The company offers free shipping on orders over $50 and you can expect your package within 1-4 business days.  Go head over to The Organic Baby Food Shop and check it out for yourself!

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