Learning to be Comfortable with being​ Uncomfortable

“until you learn to be comfortable being uncomfortable, you aren’t ready.” 

This weekend I attended the Bold and Beautiful conference, a woman’s ministry about unleashing the power within. What I took from this event was life-changing, as it has awoken the sleeping giant within me.

You could say I’m more of an introvert, the kind of girl who likes to sit back and observe rather than get involved.  The kind of girl who stands in the church stands during praise and worship and quietly sings to herself, or when the pastor says that famous line “tell your neighbor ____” I remain silent and to myself.  To sum it up, I have always hated uncomfortable situations. 

During this conference I scanned the room, like the typical introvert I am, to see woman of all shapes, sizes, and colors praising God and being set on fire.  Looking around at my surroundings, gave me chicken skin.  I wasn’t focused on how silly my fellow sisters of God looked while screaming for the lord.  Thru the eyes of someone ‘caught in the world’ they would think they were crazy, but thru the eyes of a follower, it was truly a beautiful sight.

Now I did feel a little awkward as I stood there swaying left and right, quietly singing the worship songs.  As I looked around I felt as if I was missing out.  Watching everyone else having their breakthrough, while I was too embarrassed to let go of my insecurities to have my own.  Finally, I released all of my self-conscious feelings and let go.  I closed my eyes and told myself that this is not a time to look pretty, but a time to praise Him. I was able to feel God’s presence more than I ever had before and it was truly amazing.  The biggest thing that I’ve taken from this weekends conference was “until you learn to be comfortable being uncomfortable you aren’t ready.” This was powerful.  I’ve learned that it’s okay to be an introvert, but while doing God’s work it’s best to step out of your comfort zone.  

I am now confident that I am able to leave my shy personality behind when it comes to God and jump into doing his work.  I feel like I’ve missed out on so many opportunities in getting closer to God because I was too embarrassed to take action in front of others.  For example, I haven’t created many postings in my faith section of this blog because I was too nervous of what others would think.  But that is no longer the case, as I am excited to be leaving that side of myself behind.

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