Fun Things To Do With A Si​​x Month Old​​​

Recently, a friend of mine made a comment that I was in the ‘boring baby’ stage.  I reassured her and explained, “six months is when the fun starts!”  If you’re stumped as what to do with your six-month-old baby here are a few ideas to get started.

  1. Sing a song
    My son and I sing all day.  Our favorite song to sing is I’ve Been Working On The Railroad. I find that making up our own songs are always fun.  Singing about what your doing, like a simple diaper change, puts an exciting twist on a simple task.  
  2. Play with a family pet
    Keolanui loves to play with our dog, Ikaika.  We have Ikaika jump up for a treat and he starts laughing hysterically.  Try letting your baby play with a family pet, while supervised, and see how they react.
  3. Play catch
    Christian and I sit on opposite sides of our bed, Christian holds the baby as I throw the ball, with a bell inside, at them.  Christian catches the ball with the baby’s hands.  Our son loves this and thinks it’s the funniest thing ever.  Try adding fun sound effects as he catches the ball for extra amusement.
  4. Hide and seek for toys
    I hide some of his favorite toys under pillows or blankets for Keolanui to find.  Not only does he have fun trying to remove the blanket, but it makes him think!
  5. Tickle Monster
    Once you find out where your baby’s the most ticklish, there’s no going back.  Me and my baby tickle and play all day.  Before I tickle him I say “tickle tickle tickle” and his smile indicates he already knows what he’s in for.
  6. Airplane
    I lay on my back and put my son, tummy down, on my legs.  I move my legs left, right, up and down as he smiles and screams of joy.  
  7. Nature walks
    Living in Hawaii, we love to be outside and enjoy the scenery.  As we go on our daily walks we stop to look at the colorful flowers.  I’ll pick a flower, give it to him and say the color of the flower.  
  8.  Play in the water
    Fill the tub up with some toys and let the fun begin.  Watch your baby babble, splash, and squeal.  I even have a mini water gun I squirt my baby with. 
  9. Bring him along for your daily chores
    As I go about my day I use my favorite carrier, the Baby K’Tan, to take him with me.  It allows me to get my daily chores around the house done, as he enjoys the ride and scenery.  
  10. Play with an old remote
    Keolanui loves to play with all the buttons on a remote.  He watches his dad play his game and always grabs at it.  When we give him an old Playstation remote its as if he enters another world, as he puts all of his attention on it.
  11. Read
    It’s never too early to start reading to your baby.  My son loves to look at the pictures and he’s even started turning the pages!  Books with texture and things to touch are our favorite!
  12. Take a selfie
    Keolanui loves to look at himself in the mirror.  So taking a selfie is the best of both worlds, he gets to see himself and I get a cute picture out of it.
  13. Jumping on the trampoline
    Try supporting your baby, in a standing position, and watch them bounce!

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