Baby on a Budget

Like many expecting mothers, one of the first thoughts that popped into my head was babies are expensive. While babies do bring in additional expenses, I’ve found a few tricks to help save money along the way.

  1. Free breast pump 

After visiting with my doctor she explained to me that I was eligible for a free breast pump. The doctor wrote a prescription for the pump and once I was approved, by my insurance, I was able to pick it up a week later! This wasn’t just any breast pump either, they provided me with a Medlea, Pump in Style edition. These pumps usually run for $200! 

2. Join Huggies Rewards

Looking to save money on diapers?  With Huggies Rewards you can save simply by taking a picture of your receipt, when you purchase diapers or wipes, to earn points. Once you save enough points, you’re able to redeem these points, in a gift card form. When you sign up you automatically receive 500 points to start off.

3. Join a buy/sell group exclusively for moms

There are plenty of buy/sell groups on Facebook, where you can find brand new items, that are reasonably priced. Check these groups before you do any shopping, often times you can find what you need, for a better price than what you’d pay at a store and save! It will also give you a chance to sell any baby gear you are no longer using and receive part of your money back.

4. Breastfeed

Free food… what more do I have to say?

5. Toys you already own

Sometimes you can find the best toys right in your own home!  Things like pots and pans, an old cell phone, or a cardboard box are all entertaining to a baby.  

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