A Step Back From Society

When my son was first born, in January, one of the best decisions Christian and I made, together, was to take a break from all social media. Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, everything had to go. We were able to spend every moment of the day with our amazing baby forming an inseparable connection. Not only did it help us to focus on Keolanui, but it helped us grow together as a couple and strengthen our relationship. At first it was challenging, but after a few weeks social media was a thing in the past. When I made this blog, we made the decision to start our Instagram again, but this time together. Having spent five months disconnected, we are confident we will not get swept up into what the world is doing again, we will not focus on the decisions of others, or what some are blessed with that we may not be as fortunate to have. Instead we will focus on our family, focus on the precious baby sitting in front of us. If you are a soon to be mom, I encourage you to disconnect from the world when your baby is first born, and focus on bonding with your newborn and spouse.

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