A Classic Toy That Should Be Considered A Hazard

Have you ever gotten the feeling that something you’re giving your baby may not be the best for their health?  My son loves playing with his rubber ducks during his bath time.  Often times he tries to suck on them.  I guess you could consider me kind of a germ freak, but every time he plays with them I’ve gotten an uneasy feeling.  

Today I was sent “Yucky ducky” a post that confirmed my suspicion about these filthy toys we include in our child’s bath time routine.  Inside these cute animals, lie bacteria that has often led to ear, eye, and intestinal infections.  With that being said I am now against using these during my son’s bath time.

After reading this article, I went on a hunt for a safer rubber duck.  I found the Munchkin Saftey Bath Ducky.  Not only is it sealed, but it contains a safety disk that reveals when the water is too hot for the baby.  I am excited to receive this product as it will be replacing all of our old, infested, bathtime friends.  

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