10 Stimulating Activities for Your 9 Month Old

Keolanui is just a few days away from turning nine months old!  Watching him continuously learn more each day, is truly amazing.  At this stage, he has become extremely interactive and loves to play.  Sometimes it can be hard to think of new games to play so, I decided to make a list of all of his favorite activities and share it with you all.

1. Swimming

Fill an inflatable pool up with water in the morning and leave it out in the sun for a few hours, the water will be at a comfortable temperature by the time you’re ready to swim.  Try filling the pool up with all of your baby’s favorite bath time toys, for an extra fun day in the sun.

2. Hide and seek

By now your baby should be crawling.  Try hiding behind pieces of furniture poking your head out, from time to time for your baby to find you.  Keolanui cracks up every time he sees me pop out of nowhere, and he crawls at the speed of lightning towards me.

3. Sticky ball

Find a plastic ball and stick a piece of tape to the bottom of it.  Throw the ball to the floor and act like you can’t lift it up, encouraging your baby to pick it up for you.

4. Present time

Take one of your baby’s favorite toys and wrap it in some wrapping paper.  Rip a corner of the paper, to show your baby how it’s done, and let them unwrap it to reveal the surprise inside.

5. Copycat

Analyze what your baby is doing and try to copy their movements.  Keolanui loves repeatably hit his blocks together, when I join in on his fun he laughs hysterically.

6. Create a baby maze

Cut out a few boxes lying around the house and make a tunnel for your baby to crawl thru.

7. Build a tower

Every time I build a tower on the ground with my son’s blocks, he immediately runs across the room just to knock it over and begins to laugh hysterically.

8. Climb a mountain

Build a mountain of pillows for your baby to climb up and at the top, leave one of their favorite items to play with.

9. Homemade rattle

Using a Tupperware, fill it with small objects (bells, marbles, beads, etc.) seal the Tupperware to create a homemade rattle.

10. Bubble time

Bubbles can be so amusing for a young baby.  Blow bubbles and your baby will watch in awe.

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